About Us

Al-Zahra Islamic Centre (AIC) was established on July 20, 2001 and it is the first Arabic community centre in Mississauga, Ontario – Canada to serve the followers of Ahlulbait (peace be upon them).

The AIC provides many programs which benefit all ages and genders. At the AIC, we perform prayers and celebrate all Islamic events. There are special programs for the holy month of Ramadan and the month of Muharram (Ashura). Also, the AIC provides special programs for kids, youth, and ladies.

Our Mission:

To build a strong community with faith, knowledge and compassion following the teaching and manners of Prophet Mohammed and his family (Ahlulbait) (peace be upon them).

In September 2001, AIC Knowledge Centre was created, and the first initiative was establishing Al-Zahra Islamic School to provide our kids with the knowledge they need in Canada including teaching the Arabic language, learning the Holy Quran and teaching our kids the manners of Ahlulbait (peace be upon them).

AIC Knowledge Centre also provides many training courses and programs to help our members of the community equipped with the knowledge they need, including summer programs for youth, the Baraum Alzahraa program, engineering courses and other courses which benefit our community.


Mohsen Karimiyan

(416) 822-8870

Dr. Emad Thani
Vice-President / Treasurer

(647) 780-9580

Walid Al-Sudani

(647) 293-9000

Resident Alim

Resident Alim at AL-ZAHRA Islamic Centre

Sheikh Ali Aidibi

(226) 246-9628